4 Reasons Millennials Aren’t As Loyal

Millennials are often described as disloyal. This could be nothing more than labeling. Or, it could be the truth. You know, where there’s smoke there’s fire…

I was raised to work hard by my parents. I heard lots of talks about loyalty, finances, trust, and things most parents want to instill in their kids. Looking back, I now see many areas where I was anything but loyal to an organization I worked for. I can say the majority of places I worked in my twenties as places I would have left just to leave.

So what is it about loyalty that everyone seems to be talking about? Merriam-Webster defines the word loyal as having complete support for someone or something. Millennials are loyal to causes, especially a cause that is bigger than them. I think the disloyalty that many are labeling Millennials with, comes from somewhere much deeper.

  1. Companies became disloyal to employees.
    A lot of Millennial parents lost their jobs to outsourcing, layoffs, or bottom line improvements. When employers are no longer loyal to employees, you can’t expect employees to remain loyal to employers.
  2. Political corruption came front and center with the 24-hour news cycle.
    Clinton, Benghazi, the list could go on and on. With the 24-hour news cycle, Millennials grew up exposed that people who made promises and swore an oath failed time and time again. If they were loyal to their word, to their country, what sane person would place trust and loyalty in them?
  3. Religious destruction plagued our country.
    For centuries, people were loyal to their religion of choice. During the Millennials development years, countless priests and other clergy were exposed for doing some pretty bad things. When the church is no longer loyal to the Word, you cannot expect people to be as trusting and loyal in the future.
  4. Divorce rates went through the roof.
    If there is one thing that Millennials have seen more of than any other generation, it’s divorce. Countless divorces were products of affairs. Loyalty to a spouse is supposed to be the ultimate sign of loyalty. Many Millennials lived the divorce and were old enough to understand what happened. Since we are shaped by our upbringing, it shouldn’t be a surprise to have a more disloyal generation.

I’m not making excuses; I’m stating what I think are some causes. If we want to improve in the future, we must find the balance and improve. I think starting with companies taking care of employees instead of making shareholders an extra $0.01 a quarter in earnings would be a great start.

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