The ABCs of Leadership

Leadership has changed dramatically over the last two decades. The upcoming Millennial workforce will drive changes we haven’t even seen yet. One thing is for sure, Millennials expect things to happen and will demand to have input. You may say that they can hit the door and find a new job, but when they will account for 75% of the workforce in under 10 years, that logic won’t sustain the long haul. Here are the new ABCs of leadership.

The ABCs of Leadership

Imagine you are new to a job. You’ve been there for about 3 months and you’ve begun to figure things out. Would you rather:

  1. Have a boss that is demeaning, lets you know that your opinion is useless, and does complete opposite of what they expect from you.OR
  2. Have a boss that is in the trenches, his actions and words align, and asks for your input?

If you answered A, I know of some places you can work…

The ABCs

I’ve previously mentioned that gone are the days of do as I say. Millennials will hold you accountable for what you say and expect you to be able to back it up. I’m not saying this is necessarily the proper way, but it is the expectations. So, you have to be able to follow the new ABCs of leadership…

  • Action
    You have to be willing to take action. Get in the trenches and truly lead. This is not a point and yell mentality. Get your hands dirty, manage by walking around.
  • Behavior
    Your actions speak louder than words. Your words and actions have to align so that your behavior is believable. People will emulate your behavior so make it count. Your behavior may be one of the biggest impacts on your organization.
  • Collaboration
    Think of every team member as someone who can contribute positively to your organization. Even if the person is on their first day, they may have an idea that could be revolutionary in your industry. Wouldn’t you love to be a part of that instead of running them off and giving your competition a leg up?

I Want Your Input

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