Happy and Free

Can you be both?

One area that Millennials seem to be extremely good at is seeking happiness. Some may claim that you have to grow up and exchange happiness for adult life. My question is, do you really?

Happy and Free

Millennials work to live. They find jobs that support their desires, goals, and dreams as opposed to building a massive amount of wealth. Don’t get me wrong, money is important, but it is not the driving force behind a large portion of Millennials.

My Happiness

I began my adult life wanting nothing more than to be rich and successful. What I have found is that happiness changes over time. What made me happy at twenty was chasing a career that was fun and exciting. Now in my thirties and with a family, I seek a job that allows me to support my family, contribute to a larger cause, and gives me some self-autonomy to function on my own.

Happy or Free

What is happiness? It varies from person to person. Watching my daughter play dress up brings me as much happiness as a night out with friends at twenty. You much find the happiness internally to fight off external pressures.

Freedom is equally internal. Some people are ok with being connected to their job 24/7. Others want a career where they control every aspect. Both are completely ok, as long as you are the definer of the term.


  • Seek happiness anywhere they can
  • Find happiness in contributing to a cause bigger than themselves
  • Look for happiness when working for a WHY
  • Consider flexibility in the workplace as a source of freedom
  • Are creating the most diverse workforce ever, which creates freedom for those who were previously prevented from excelling


Question: Can you be happy and free or do you have to take on or the other? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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