4 Things Millennials Want From Government Officials

It Involves Trust

In honor of America’s 240th birthday, I wanted to talk about our government. I have a hard time believing that our Founding Fathers intended the political landscape to look like the mess we’ve created. Let’s be honest, the sacrifices made to fight the British were many. They obviously had a firm belief in their stance and trust in their ideas.

millennials trust government officials accountability authenticity stewardship transparency

So here we are, 240 years after our independence and yet we seem so far from understanding it sometimes. The right versus left, Democrat vs Republican, yadda yadda yadda. Over the last thirty years we have eroded away trust in public offices. Nixon (more than thirty years ago), Clinton’s Lewinsky and Watergate scandals, Obama’s Benghazi. We could go on and on with Senators and Representatives before we ran out of time on state and local corruption.

Trust is a funny thing. It is easily lost but hard to regain. In the days of social media, it is harder to hide things, yet the political machine continues the same games. There has to be an end to this madness.

Trust In Government

What will a dream government official look like to Millennials? They will most likely have to possess…

  • Accountability
    Surprisingly, you can make a mistake and recover from it. You have to take ownership, hold people (including yourself) accountable, and move on. Don’t make excuses though. Remember, the buck stops with the leader.
  • Authenticity
    To be effective, one will have to be authentic. People will forgive someone for mistakes. We are only human after all. The secret here is being yourself and then being sincere in the apology. Clinton has since recovered from the Lewinsky scandal for example.
  • Stewardship
    We work hard for our money. Most of us in the Millennial generation are repaying enough in student loans. We really hate seeing government waste. Being a steward of money is crucial to gaining public trust. Surely everyone has heard about the government buying $500 hammers. My $19.99 Lowes’ special has worked for years just fine.
  • Transparency
    Giving an authentic review of yourself can lead to a more transparent figure. Transparency in the government official, shows that they are leading in a serving manner to better our country. They show they are fiscally responsible and concerned with how our tax dollars are spent. Transparency shows that no one is above reproach and fraud and corruption will be dealt with swiftly.


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