How Your Leadership Is Killing Your Team

Leadership Incompetence

Leaders have a huge responsibility. They are put on this earth to add value, develop tomorrow, and serve others. The wrong style or lack of leadership could be killing your team and team members.

I’ve heard it said, that 75% of people leave their “leader” not their organization. I invite you to think back of companies you’ve left and seek out the true reason you left. Was it a leader? How did that make you feel?

Stealing Your Soul

I’ve worked for many types of people.Some were great leaders, others were good people, still some seemed to suck my soul right out. If you’ve worked for anyone like that, you know exactly what I mean. If you don’t understand the reference, count your blessings.

I am a go-getter. I like performing to the highest level of my ability. I’ve driven by knowing I gave my all. I hate slacking off. BUT, I’ve worked for people that made going to work the most dreaded experience in my life. They made me feel like I was soulless.

Lacking Competence

When I say that a leader is lacking competence, I do not necessarily mean they are not competent people. The person may or may not be very competent in your respective industry. They could very well be incompetent as a leader.

Signs of leadership incompetence

  • Disorganized
  • Lack Confidence
  • Fail to develop others
  • Arrogance
  • Ignorance
  • Not Trustworthy
  • Can’t deliver on promises
  • Do not cast vision
  • Secretive
  • Say one thing, do another

A leader with leadership incompetence is poison to a team and organization. High performers will either flee, looking for other endeavors or worse, stay and lower their expectations. Either way, the effectiveness of the team is questionable. All because of the effectiveness and competence of the leader.


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