9 Simplistic Ways to Focus On Loyalty

Many people are good leaders who have placed a lot of attention on different attributes. Leaders have to be trustworthy, but being loyal to your word, organization, and people are important as well. I have established that loyalty is important, but how important is it.

The US Navy Seals are one of the most effective teams in the world. They function as one to accomplish high risk missions that are critical to our national security. The attributes of a Seal are many. Loyalty to their team and country is a requirement as their creed says so well…

“My loyalty to Country and Team is beyond reproach.” –Navy SEAL Creed

I was privileged to listen to Greg McDearmon speak at a Veteran’s Day celebration a couple years ago. Greg was a Lt. in the US Navy where he did a tour on the USS Cole. During his time on the Cole, terrorists linked to bin Laden’s Al Qaeda blew a hole in the side of the USS Cole killing several sailors.

During Greg’s speech, he talked about the dedication the sailors had for the Cole, their lost comrades, and the United States. This dedication was a clear display of loyalty. The leadership aboard the Cole showed loyalty as well, which helped build a positive culture.

9 Ways to Loyalty

Here’s how you can build loyalty within your team, organization, and relationships.

1.      Be authentic

2.     Take responsibility

3.     Show everyone they’re valuable

4.     Be straightforward

5.     Don’t lie

6.     Invest in your team/Develop team members

7.     Serve your team

8.    Cast vision

9.     Do as you say

Loyal people rarely operate without some feeling of value. When people feel valued they want to contribute. Productivity and efficiency are all by-products. People also feel obligated to people who invest in them and make them better. A loyal team can be an effective team.

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