Do You Rent or Own Your Organization?

Do You Rent or Own Your Organization?As with many young adults, I had the privilege of renting an apartment for a time. Overall I spent about three and a half years in an apartment setting. It was a nice apartment where I was the first tenant and it was my own space. As with anything new, I took pride and joy in MY apartment. I quickly laid out the rooms the way I wanted them, couch here, entertainment center there, bed on this wall, etc. Over the next three years I lost some of the luster and excitement in that apartment. When something broke I called the maintenance man. There was no vested interest and I eventually couldn’t wait to get out.

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After that apartment, I set out to find a house that I could call home. I had saved up for a down payment, conducted research for mortgage options, and looked at houses. When I found the house that I bought, I knew it was for me. As soon as the closing was over and I was moving in I saw the future house I wanted. Walls painted to my desire, visualizing a finished basement and bonus room, the potential an expanded deck had. Since purchasing the house I have done a lot of work adding a larger deck, finishing a portion of the basement, and painting the walls a couple of times. I am currently looking at remodeling one bathroom and the kitchen, and let’s be honest kitchens and bathrooms are areas where huge gains can be earned in a houses value.

Why am I wasting your time talking about renting an apartment and owning a house? Although I was excited at first about the apartment, the “newness” wore off and I simply came and went as I needed and dropped a check off on the 5th of the month. Once I moved into the house, I had a vested interest. I saw a vision and didn’t want the status quo. Decisions I made were based on what added value that would be an improvement to my investment down the road if I ever decided to sell the house. Even after the excitement of owning a new home wore off, I could see the big picture and a path to take to sustain the “fight” within.

So I come to my point, are you a renter or owner in your organization? Do you simply show up and collect a check on pay day or are you engaging others in your organization to be the best you can be and ensure others have the tools and resources to excel as well? Leadership requires someone with a vision and the ability to share that vision. The ability to see the areas of your organization that need a new kitchen or bath is key to seeing the vision and setting priorities and goals to complete those is a step towards great leadership.

Great leaders lead by example. Consistently trying to do your best and show ownership within your organization can spread a similar mindset to those around you.

Getting buy-in from members of the organization is crucial, much like I have to get buy-in from my wife before building a “man cave” in the basement. Those who feel they are part of the process start to take ownership. Where there is no involvement, there will be no commitment.

Question: Are you counting the time until your “lease” is up or preparing every day for what the future can hold? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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