Entitled or Engaged?

Millennials, are they the entitled generation or something more?

Entitled or Engaged?

Millennials, are they the entitled generation or something more?

For the better part of the last 10 years, I’ve heard countless stories on how Millennials are simply entitled and expect everything. I for one, have always thought that was a significant misjudgment. Today I will dive into Millennials and the entitled mindset.

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I am a Millennial

I have not always admitted that, but I am. I worked hard for a positive, hardworking reputation and I was not going to let a stereotype ruin that. I denied it, played it off, and sometimes just acted like I didn’t know what they were talking about.

I’m no longer ashamed of being a Millennial. Previous generations all thought the country was doomed when the next one took over. We’ve survived. Many have rose to the occasion and I for one hope to be one of them.

Not entitled

Millennials have changed the way we live. Let’s be honest, the way we shop, use our mobile devices, stay in touch. Everything is now driven through social media. Many Millennials have changed the world; Mark Zuckerberg alone has created a game changer with Facebook. Why is it then that everyone wants to bash Millennials? I do not believe that the majority of Millennials are entitled, rather they have not been engaged to become what they can be.

Millennials require a why. Not the type of why where they want to know why the boss picked red in the new uniforms, but the WHY we do what we do. Either tell the why or expect Millennials to look elsewhere. Let’s look at what drives Millennials so they can be engaged.

5 things to do to engage a Millennial

So what does an engaged Millennial look like in the workforce? I have compiled a list of my thoughts that show where the future workforce is going and why being a Millennial is a good thing, as long as their engaged in their work.

  1. Flexibility. Millennials were raised in the digital era. Since they do not know anything else they do not understand being tied to traditional work conditions. Being able to offer flexibility can benefit you too. An engaged Millennial works whenever the idea hits him. If he is at home watching TV and gets a great idea, it is not uncommon for him to go into work mode, even at 1AM.
  2. Communication. Thanks to digital life, Millennials only know easy communications. They want to be informed and in the know. Withholding information makes you shady to them. They grew up in scandals that make transparency important. Communicating puts them at ease.
  3. Professional Development. When it comes to education, training, and advancement, Millennials do not always look to traditional education centers. To Millennials it is all about the place that offers the best value. In some situations, that may be a trade school, while in others it may be a YouTube how-to video that teachers a new skill. Millennials, love developing, you have to give them something that challenges them to learn a new skill.
  4. Feedback. If you want to keep a Millennial engaged, you have to be prepared to give constant feedback. Don’t blame the Millennials, they were raised this way. Use it as leverage to develop an amazing employee.
  5. Delegate. Millennials love responsibility and ownership. Develop them into trustworthy employees and delegate tasks to fuel them. Don’t forget to give feedback to improve the tasks in the future.

Are there entitled traits to Millennials? Yes, but instead of focusing on the bad, let’s focus on the positive and raise the bar. People will meet you where you set the bar. With the bar set so low right now, it is no wonder that Millennials as a whole have not excelled.


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