How To Get Buy-In

Do this to win influence

Anytime a leader sees change on the horizon, it is time to seek buy-in from the troops. If you wait until the change is at the doorstep, it is too late and earning that buy-in will be difficult.

Today’s post covers how to earn the buy-in. I like the word earn because you do have to work for it. Buy-in is not handed to you, it is something that requires time, effort, and follow through to get.

Personal Experience

I call it a weakness, but I am not one that likes being ordered what to do. I love being part of a solution to a problem and a team player. I’d much rather someone simply ask me to do something and not tell me I will do something. Not a strong suit of mine, but it is the way I’m wired. When I can be part of a decision, I automatically have given the leader some buy-in, even if I didn’t mean to.


When faced with a new leader or potential change in practices, things go much easier when there is buy-in from all parties. It is the leader’s job to navigate the waters. Below I have detailed three items that are required for optimal buy-in, followed by three ways to increase buy-in.

The Foundation

  • Trust
    First, followers will not buy-in to anything if they do not trust you. It’s that simple.
  • Respect
    They might buy-in, even if they don’t respect you, but you are facing an uphill battle.
  • Influence
    When you have attained the level of influential leader, you are primed to ask for buy-in from your followers.

How to increase buy-in

  • Stakeholders
    If you are attempting to get buy-in from your team,find those who carry influence among the ranks of your followers. If you can start small with them and win them over, they will sell your concepts for free. If you are the new leader, they can sell you to the team.
  • Communication
    When things are changing, communicate, communicate, communicate. People get scared when there are changes in the works and they have not been kept in the loop. My opinion is to tell more than you should to err on the side of caution. This will also help build trust, respect, and influence.
  • Input
    Ask for input. People want to be a part of something. Give them a reason to support the change from the start, make them a stakeholder in the decisions.

The nail in the coffin…

Show them how the change benefits them.


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