One Amazing Way to See Your Influence

Have you ever wondered what your level of influence was with your team? I have found a sure fire way to test it and best of all, you can see the results. If this doesn’t show you improvement is needed, I don’t know what will.

I grew up in a Baptist church. Billy Graham was a household name that held reverence from most people. Rev. Graham was known for his evangelist style of preaching that drew crowds in the thousands most places.

I remember when he came to Louisville sometime around 2000. The aging Graham had not been to Louisville in nearly four decades so the three-day event was long awaited. The volumes of people that packed out the new football stadium was impressive to say the least, with the three-day crowd nearing 200,000. So what about him did all of this? He was magnetic…

You’re a Magnet

Science tells us that there are two poles in a magnet, a North and a South. These feed off of the earth’s poles respectively. The thing about magnets is the ability to attract some items and reject others. Opposite poles attract to one another while poles of the same origin repel, even forcefully push apart from each other.

So what does a magnet and a leader have to do with one another? People are drawn to people they:

  • Trust
  • Admire
  • Respect

I recently saw this first hand while sitting in a staff meeting of a client. The entire room was sitting in the back of the room, completely disengaged. It was evident that the leader was repelling the staff instead of attracting them.

At your next staff meeting, look where people congregate and if you find the vast majority are as far away as possible, look in the mirror and commit to making changes.

What type of magnet are you?


Question: In the next week, what are you going to do to attract people to you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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