3 Things You Must Ask Your Team

Ask these questions to strengthen your team

is more art than science, at least for effective leaders. Those who attain the status as a Level 5 leader know the craft inside and out and treat each part like an artist does a canvas. Emotional intelligence is crucial to success as a leader.

Many people with emotional intelligence have a superb ability to read people without directly asking them anything. High EI observations allow you to see body language, tone inflictions, and even what a person is saying and compare to baseline knowledge of the person. In the right timing, this could be the opportunity for a leader to stop and probe further.

Lets Take a Walk

I was very fortunate to learn from an amazing leader early in my life. He setup every opportunity to be a learning lesson, even the mistakes. You knew when he said “lets take a walk” that an opportunity to grow was coming. Along with that, he taught me 3 very important questions to ask followers.

Three Questions To Be Effective

Leaders gain more influence when people respect them and believe they are part of the team. To do so, here are 3 questions I have found to help if ask your people. Be sincere when you do, they’ll know the difference.

  • How’s the family?
    This could be anything from how’s the kids to is mom doing ok? The fact that you learn who is in their family and how they play a part is crucial to understanding what drives the person. When they think you care about them, they are more willing to perform. Also, this gives you a great place to identify areas that could be causing issues at work.
  • What can we improve?
    If you encourage honest feedback, you will foster an environment that can build a high performing team. When people feel that they are part of a solution, you almost cheat the system by getting them to buy-in.
  • Where do you want to go?
    People want to follow people who care about where they go. By and your followers, you are effectively building the next generation leaders, putting together a strong team, and sharping yourself by constant evaluation.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list. Use it to help start an ongoing conversation with your people. Again, you must put your real self out there, not a masked version.

Your Move

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