This Risky Choice Scores You Major Points 

Do this to deposit into your leadership bank

You have several jobs as a leader. Leaders are looked to by people who want to learn a job. What is one way to gain major points as a leader? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not knowing all the answers or being perfect. It’s actually surprising to many people. Here’s how I learned this lesson. Admit failure and mistakes.

How I Learned About This

Over the years I have been blessed by great and terrible managers. Each have taught me valuable lessons on how to lead. When I witnessed this lesson first hand, it changed my view of leadership. When you do this, you have to be authentic, people will see through you if not.


So you want to know what this risky choice is? It’s actually extremely simple.

Admit Your Mistakes/Failure 

That’s it. Show your team you are human, that you can learn from the mistakes and grow. I’ve always learned better lessons from failures than from successes.

A lot of people think that leadership is about being the best person in the room. On the contrary, being the best person in the room means you have built a bad team. Showing the confidence to take ownership and responsibility buys points from your team members, respect from your peers, and admiration from your boss.

If the mistake is something you have to apologize for, don’t belittle your team by rationalizing the mistake, just apologize.


Question: Have you ever risked admitting your wrongs to your team? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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