Millennials: Intention Deficit Disorder

Millennials have longed been called many names. Some probably warranted, others were not so much. The “intentionality” it takes to run an organization cannot be overlooked. I believe that Millennials are suffering from IDD, Intention Deficit Disorder, not the closely related , Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Intention Deficit Disorder

Where Attention Deficit Disorder focuses on the ability to pay attention to tasks, Intention Deficit Disorder involves the act of being intentional. Let me clear that up, intentional act of doing something.

I Have ADD

I grew up in the ADD crazed world. I was on Ritalin and some other ADD drugs as a child. That’s a whole book of content there. ADD seems to have only become worse with the iPods, iPhones, and iPads floating around everywhere. I remember the days where you had to visit the library for research because the content on the internet was either vague or untrustworthy.

Attention Now Intention

The years of ADD, I believe have led to IDD becoming an epidemic.

IDD exists because of the immediate access to information. Gone are the days where someone had to plan out every detail in advance because of lack of information. Planning a road trip? You mapped out everything before you left, calculated mileage and found a hotel to book. Now you pull out your phone and it’s booked before you can fill up the gas tank.

Why plan for the weather when everyone has a mobile device with a radar map app at the touch of a finger? The immediate access to information, as amazing as it is, has led to a lack of planning. Millennials do not seem to plan out anything long-term. Retirement, career paths, even housing.


Question: So what is the answer? How can we be more intentional in our life? Can we move forward without being intentional? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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