20 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known Sooner

 What if there was one thing that could even the playing field between the super successful and you? There are a lot of differences between resources available, wealth, and even abilities of people, but there is one thing that  we all share equally. Time.

Managing time is one of the greatest habits of successful people. Focusing your time into the areas you want allows you to manage your time, instead of your time managing you. Doing a little time management goes a long way, eventually compounding to produce greater results than you can imagine. Take the time to focus on one a day over the next couple of weeks and master time management.

20 Time Management Tips I Wish I'd Known Sooner
  1. Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night

    I use to stay up late and sleep until the last minute. Waking up each morning was a foggy haze that left me on a bad start for the day. Once I started going to bed earlier, I was wide awake the next morning and ready to conquer the day. Try it for at least three weeks and you’ll be hooked.

    20 Time Management Tips I WIsh I'd Known Sooner

  2. Plan out tomorrow before going to sleep

    One of the last things I do at night before going to bed is run through tomorrow. I envision what I need to accomplish, what I will accomplish, and make one final prioritization of the day. I don’t let tomorrow overwhelm me, rather I use this time to put my mind in the proper mindset that tomorrow won’t know what hit it.

  3. Use a calendar or planner to track your time

    We are all human and forget things. My calendar app keeps me caught up and in the right place at the right time. Thankfully, Apple even added travel time to their calendar app to alert you when you should leave due to traffic considerations. Using a calendar or planner also allows you to review historical data to see what you did and when.

    20 Time Management Tips I WIsh I'd Known Sooner

  4. Set deadlines

    Everyone needs deadlines. Set a deadline for a task and don’t compromise. You want to complete the project, make it a priority by having a due date. We can easily procrastinate when it is open ended.

  5. Do the high urgency/high important tasks first

    There are several types of tasks out there, if we put off the high urgeny/high important tasks for those that are less overwheling, we will not accomplish the important things of the day. It is simple, High Urgency/High Importance before Low Urgency/High Importance tasks everytime.

  6. Stop multitasking, focus

    I claimed I was amazing at multi-tasking. Guess what, I’m not nor was I ever. It is to easy to get distracted, type what you are talking to someone, or make a simple mistake that can cost you money, time, or your reputation. Focus your time into a single area for blocks.

  7. Break down large projects into smaller tasks

    You eat an elephant one piece at a time. Conquering a large project is the same way. Find ways to break down even the largest project into groups of smaller tasks.

  8. Identify the most important task of the day

    This one goes hand in hand with the high urgency/high importance tip, but is worthy of its own as well. Find what is most important for each day and tackle that first thing. You will be surprised at what else you can accomplish when you get the hardest part out of the way first.

  9. Delegate tasks to others

    I refused to ever delegate anything until the last year. It is important to put time into the things that matter and not get caught up in trying to stay relevant. When you are secure enough to delegate the tasks that distract you from your mission, you actually become more relevant.

  10. Evaluate past performance to improve future time management

    Look at the past to improve on the future. When planning future projects or tasks, you can look to see how much time it took you last time. The more you have to review the easier it will be to gauge your time appropriately.

  11. Account for all time, including drive time

    If you’re 15 minutes early, you’re late. When you are rushed, you lose time. I found that commuting to work with time to spare allows me to mentally prepare for the day and clear my mind. When running behind, I stress and my entire day is thrown off.

    Wasting even 15 minutes twice a day, five days a week adds up quickly. By the end of the week 2.5 hours would be wasted. Keep track of all of your time so you don’t waste a day away.

    20 Time Management Tips I WIsh I'd Known Sooner

  12. Take regular breaks to stay fresh

    You cannot focus indefinitely. Taking regular breaks will keep you fresh. Just be sure you don’t take to many breaks or extended ones.

    20 Time Management Tips I WIsh I'd Known Sooner

  13. Don’t get stuck on mistakes

    We all make mistakes, get over it.

  14. Review each week

    We can all slip up from time to time. By looking over each week, you will notice problem areas. Allowing a little to add up will compound over time.

  15. Know it is okay to say no

    I still struggle with this one. When presented with an opportunity, I have a hard time saying no. This limits what I can give to prior and more important commitments. It is okay for you to evalaute what commitments are worthy your time.

  16. Start a timer

    When I work on a blog post, I typically set a 30 minute timer and type for 30 minutes straight before taking a break and then reviewing the content produced. If I don’t do this, I find myself working on a post for days. Use a timer on your phone to encourage you to push harder. This is a micro-deadline.

  17. Act like your time is worth $1000 an hour

    The more we value our time, the better we will protect it. Give your time a valuation of $1000 an hour and stop wasting an expensive commodity. When you adjust your thinking, you will work harder to protect it.

    20 Time Management Tips I WIsh I'd Known Sooner

  18. Decide what’s good enough

    No one is perfect. As Chalene Johnson says, “if you wait until your product is perfect, you waited to long to launch.” Spend the time to offer a product you are proud to put your name on, but do not get stuck on perfection. You’re not perfect.

  19. Use Evernote

    I was very late to the Evernote game. I only began using Evernote early this year (2016). Do not make the same mistake I did. Evernote allows me to always have fresh ideas everywhere I go. I regularly save notes with thoughts and ideas that I can use for inspiration later. They even give you the ability to set reminders so you don’t forget.

  20. Invest in productivity – Resources


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