Your Obituary Was Published Today

It’s 9AM and you open Facebook to find notifications awaiting you. One of the notifications is linked to a funeral home’s in memory page that contains your obituary. Shocked to see your name and realize that it isn’t a simple typo, rather your name and story have ran in the obits as if you passed away.

Your Obituary Was Published Today

As you read through the obit, are you pleased with the legacy your death leaves in published form or are you mortified? What if I told you this happened to someone and that it changed their life. It also made a positive impact on the world for decades to come.

Reading Your Obituary

The 19th Century was an age of constant growth and change, this was particularly true for the sciences. A chemist born in the early 1800s was given the opportunity to read his obituary when a paper published his death and legacy instead of his brother’s. The chemist read terrible things about him that left an impact.

The incorrect attribution to Alfred instead of his brother Ludvig called him “the merchant of death”. Alfred invented the high explosive dynamite among many other machines of death. The methods of killing people became easier than ever before as a result of Alfred’s inventions.

The vast majority of us will not be able to read what our legacy is when it is published in the newspaper or online. If you were to die today, do you know what others would say about you? What legacy would you leave behind?

The most important thing to consider is what do I need to do to make my life complete? Some people may refer to this as a “bucket list”, but figure out what you need to finish to have lived your life with no regrets.

Change The World

After reading his obituary that day, Alfred pledged to change his legacy for good. Immediately he went out and created a trust that the majority of his vast wealth went to upon his death. That trust went on to become the award that shares his namesake, the Nobel Prize.

Alfred Nobel was mid life when he saw something he did not like. He did not stand by idle saying it’s to late to change, he took immediate action to change his position. Nobel is responsible for promoting world peace, advancements in science, and literature.

The Nobel Prize was created in 1895 and is awarded annually in chemistry, economics, literature, peace, physics, and physiology and medicine. It is considered the most prestigious award in many of the fields.

It Is Up To You

Although we cannot control the words used in our obituary, we can invest in our lives daily to change impact we have on others.

In my obituary, I would rest easy if other people could honestly write…

Josh Ball lived life to the fullest. He was a great God fearing man who was a loving husband, amazing father and grandfather, good friend, and servant to others…

Studies have shown that the single largest determination of attendance to your funeral is the weather. Invest in people daily so the connection to you isn’t based on the weather.

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