it's not what we claim it is.


It’s funny really. The way we have trained ourselves to look at success. Being successful in modern America is not success in my mind. Sure, Merriam-Webster defines it as the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame, but does that alone define true success? Another definition seems more realistic to me, the correct or desired result of an attempt. There you go, the way you can achieve success without ever being a millionaire, driving fast cars, or being famous.

Look at Hollywood and the countless stars that are “successful”. How many have died of overdoses? How many have lost everything, including marriages? How is that really being successful? It’s not and we must stop training ourselves to think of success as a balance in a bank account, the type of car we drive, the square footage of a house, where we shop. It is simply getting to where you want to go. Set a goal and push towards it. If finishing a marathon is your goal, you are as successful as a 5:08:22 marathoner as you are a 2:02:57 world record holder.

Being successful is more about internal goals than external definitions. Dream big, set goals, and take action.

Success is more about internal goals than external definitions

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