8 Surprising Lessons Zootopia Can Teach You

They Might Surprise you

Have you ever gone to the movies expecting nothing more but to see a 4 year old entertained? I went this weekend to see Zootopia with no expectations except a couple laughs here and there. Well, it didn’t disappoint in laughter, but there was an underlying tone that caught my eye as well.

8 Lessons From Zooptopia

Zootopia is a new release from Disney Pixar creation from mastermind John Lassetter. It focuses on Judy Hopps, a bunny rabbit whose life long ambition is to make the world better by being a cop. In a world that is made up of all types of animals, including some pretty scary predators, Judy was facing a major uphill battle. Actually, this battle was Judy’s Mt. Everest.

I won’t spoil the whole movie for you, but there were a couple things the movie made me ponder. I hope I’m not the only one who learned from a kids animated feature. Here is what I took away from Zootopia.

  1. We can be something, but it takes hard work.
    In the movie, Officer Judy Hopps has to overcome a lot of things, but one line she said in the movie resonated loudly within.
    Judy wouldn’t take no for an answer. When others said something couldn’t be done, she put her nose down and got to work. Yes, she had to work harder and longer than other people did, but the greatest things in life are worth fighting for.
  2. We will become what others tell us if we don’t fight the stereotype.
    Throughout the movie, Judy faced all different walks of life telling her she’s just a rabbit and how can a rabbit be a cop. If Judy did what Nick Wilde did as a child and lived life as the stereotype, she would have never lived her dream. In real life, people will often group you into categories. Only you can break out of them.
  3. Sometimes we have to learn a hard lesson, the hard way.
    In Zootopia, Judy is faced with an almost impossible assignment. Since we know she thinks that impossible is only a word to small minds, it should be no surprise that she accepts the case. What Judy didn’t know what the repercussions of her journey. It was a hard lesson, but one that made her better.
  4. The most experienced often write off the new “guy” thinking they have nothing to offer.
    In my decade long career in public service, one thing I have noticed is the “veterans” will write off the new “guy” almost every time. To them, a new person has zero value. Unfortunately, I too have been guilty of this.One thing I’ve noticed in my career is that years of service does not mean years of doing. Sometimes weaker people have been backed into a corner and no longer fight the good fight. This is when the dangerous phase comes in to play. You know, that phase that everyone has heard… “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. Fresh ideas may be the change of pace needed. At least let it spawn creative ways to think outside the box.
  5. We can turn negative energy into positive results.
    Judy Hopps wouldn’t take no for an answer. Every time someone was negative towards her she spun the energy and used it to propel her forward. We are what we feed. If we let negative energy impact us, we too will become negative. If we make the negative energy our fuel to drive us further, we can do great things.
  6. Admitting we’re wrong is crucial for growth.
    Judy was hard headed, and let’s be honest, that is not always bad. A strong will is required to do many of the items on this list. There comes a time when leaders must be willing to take a step back and admit when he or she is wrong. Judy apologized to Nick, she didn’t rationalize or belittle him in the apology, she was authentic.
  7. We are all great at something…
    Everyone is an expert at something. The reason you may doubt yourself is you just know the information and think everyone else just knows what you know. In the movie, the sly fox was actually a good detective, but he didn’t realize it. Throughout his life, Nick had heard that he was just a hustler and didn’t see his true potential.
  8. You can’t quit when the going gets tough.
    Judy made some mistakes in the movie and and she quit at first. It didn’t take long until she realized she could still make a difference and fix her mistakes. Things will get tough, but to succeed you must push through. Successful leaders will not quit when their is pressure. Pressure is what shows us what we are really capable of.

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