The Thing That Separates The Pros from The Amateurs

Ok, there may be more than one thing that separates the pros from the amateurs. In this post, I detail what really sets them apart and arguably could all be tied together. Consistency.

Consistency separates the professionals from the amateurs

Merriam-Webster defines consistency as “harmony of conduct or practice with profession”. The regularity of events makes some better than others. Regular runners often perform better in a marathon than irregular runners.

Consistently Inconsistent

I love golf. Since I was 8 years old, I’ve played golf in some way, shape, or form.In high school I played five years (8th graders could play up) and regularly as an adult until a few years ago. This past weekend, I spent time on the golf course with my dad, brother-in-law, and several friends at a scramble. I learned a lot in those five hours.

When I stopped playing golf regularly about six years ago, I didn’t touch a club until last year. My golf game averaged par when I quit. I was able to consistently hit power drives, chip shots onto the green, and actually putt. While on the golf course this weekend, I realized that although I could hit a killer drive once every 6-7 holes, I was killing my game on the remaining holes.

Consistency Matters

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and John Wooden all have something in common. They were consistently good at what they did. Michael Jordan practiced nonstop to make his high school basketball team before going on to become the greatest basketball player of all time (my opinion). Tiger Woods is one of a handful of golfers to win the Grand Slam of the major tournaments, an example of consistency in practice and performance. And we cannot forget legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. Everything about Wooden was consistent, hi schedule, habits, style, and lack of temper.

In leadership, influence is won through respect, respect requires trust, and trust is built on consistency. In a world that demands authenticity and transparency, you must be consistent to win people over. Here are some ways you can be consistent in your ways to win trust and respect as a leader.

  • Consistency sets the bar
    People will not know what to think of you if you are constantly changing things up. If you want to frustrate your people, always leave them wondering what mood you’re in. You will drive them away fast!
  • Consistency creates transparency
    People want to see the real you and your true motives. If you perform consistently well, they can see who you are and what your agenda is clearly. One of the quickest ways to building trust.
  • Consistency shows your character
    If you want people to see who you are and not just what you put forward, be consistent. Over the long term, it is consistency that shows who you are and what the real you look like. Although someone could mistake your best intentions today, if you are constantly exceeding expectations, they will most likely see you have good intent.
  • Consistency makes you the go to
    When people are looking for a dynamite team member, they want someone they can count on. Consistency builds the trust not only with your subordinates but also your peers and executives. Give your best in everything you do and people will notice eventually.
  • Consistency makes you credible
    In a world where credibility is hard to earn and easy to lose, being consistent can be the make or break for you. Don’t give someone the chance to break you down, outperform, every time.

Personal Life

Consistency is important in your personal life as much as professional life. You must establish a routine to truly stand apart and perform higher than average. Consistent sleep routines, exercise, nutrition, and relaxation all play a huge part in your ability to perform at even the simplest tasks. Don’t subtract the person from the profession. Without the person, there is no profession.


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