Why Your Followers Need You To Be Trustworthy

Search “Trust Leadership” on Google and you will find about 372,000,000 results. It seems like these two go hand in hand. If trust in leadership is such a hot topic, then why are there so many issues trusting leaders? The answer is, we’ve been let down to many times. Like the old saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.  People are quick to take their trust in people who have let them down.

I have written posts that identify 6 components needed to earn and keep trust. I also shared a story about what the Sheriff taught me about trust and reputation. Today I will explain, why trust is so important to leaders. Trustworthiness is more than just work related; it must be in all areas of our lives to shine.

When I started in leadership positions, I honestly thought the position was about me. I hate to admit this now, but it is the truth. When one of my “followers” would come to me, I would always look at things from the perspective of what management would think of my decision. Unfortunately, the cost of this mentality serious hampered my ability to lead and ultimately I was nothing more than a manager.

Over the years, I have been impacted by leaders and managers that shaped me into what I am today. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thankfully, I recognized that leadership is actually serving others. To maximize a servant style leadership, you must place trust and influence at the center.

Why Your Followers Need You To Be Trustworthy

The sum of this story is simple. If influence is the root of leadership and trust is required for positive influence, how can a successful leader lead without being trustworthy? Earlier this week I detailed 6 Things You Must Be To Keep Trust. The level of importance of trust may depend on your sector or industry, but ultimately, you cannot be a truly effective leader with trust issues.

Think about a person who lost your trust. How much influence did they have over you? Would you buy a car or house from them? Leadership in organizations can be so much more than a $25,000 car or $300,000 house. Some organizations can lose millions with ineffective leaders at the helm. Or, they may lose priceless team members who were not “fed” enough to stay the course.

To gain your followers hearts, you must have their trust. Leaders who understand servant leadership are the planks that followers walk upon. Trust is one of the hardest things to earn, yet the easiest to lose. If you want people to be passionate about their mission, then earn their trust. If you want to watch them explode with passion, show them you trust them.


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