Are You Jealous?

Do you have a co-worker that you’re jealous of? Is it personal or professional? Do they have it all together, the dream house, sports car, perfect family? Or is it the best job, all the promotions, and raises? Is jealousy a good motivation for getting ahead?

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In today’s post, I discuss jealousy and try to get to the bottom of the problem. Think of the person you are jealous of and write down a list of what it is about them you would like. Seriously, get out a piece of paper and write down at least five things about them.
Take that list and look at the items. Are there common themes to the list? Does it involve a job that you think you are better qualified for? Is it the dream car that you’ve always wanted? Find the theme.

How Jealousy Impacts Us

I’ve been on both sides of jealousy. I tried the days of “keeping up with the Jones'”. It isn’t easy nor worth it. I found life to be much more fulfilling when I was living my life for ME!
I worked a job once where it seemed that I was constantly being overlooked. Sure, I thought I was the best candidate for the promotions, but the leadership wasn’t convinced. As I’ve aged and had leadership positions, I’ve also realized there are some positions that are not worth the headache. I was jealous of people because I didn’t see the bad stuff they had to deal with.
In many ways, I have seen that the grass often appears greener on the other side, but it is rarely that much better. Sometimes time is on our side. We can learn valuable lessons from the experiences of life where we are. More importantly, jealousy can make us do things that aren’t the best decisions. Michael Hyatt talks about the importance of guarding your heart on his blog.

Jealous of Others?

Go back to the list of items you made earlier. Do the following.
  • If the list involved items where you thought you were better qualified for it’s possible that you have goals that have not been fully met. Find the issue at hand and write that goal down. If it’s getting a college degree, go back to school. Maybe it’s a new house, write an action plan.
  • If the list involves items where you thought things were unfair look to make sure it’s not a lack of confidence in yourself. We often find the weaknesses in ourselves as the pet peeve in others. Look deep and find a way to become more confident.
  • If the list involves items where you 
Remember, we are all created with different strengths and weaknesses. That is a good thing! We may not actually be a good fit in a soir ion that we feel qualified for. Maybe our leaders have already identified that and have a plan that is better for us. Would you rather be in a position just to have it. Or a position that gives us purpose. Take purpose everytime.


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