10 Blogs I Read Every Week

and why you should too

I’ve become quite to blog reader over the last few months. If you’re anything like me, there’s so much great content out there it is overwhelming. I’m offering my top 10 blogs that I read on a regular basis (regular means when they post). Michael Hyatt’s – Intentional Leadership Blog Michael Hyatt is the former […]

Josh Ball - Top 10 Blogs To Read Every Week - Blog

91 Productivity Hacks To Improve Your Life

Have you ever wondered how some people get so much done in a week? I’m talking about the people who get their to-do lists done while you’re still working on your. The thing about time is everyone is given the same number. Getting things accomplished requires making smart decisions, calculated goals, and sometimes saying no to […]

Productivity Hacks

The Thing That Separates The Pros from The Amateurs

Ok, there may be more than one thing that separates the pros from the amateurs. In this post, I detail what really sets them apart and arguably could all be tied together. Consistency. Merriam-Webster defines consistency as “harmony of conduct or practice with profession”. The regularity of events makes some better than others. Regular runners […]

Consistency separates the professionals from the amateurs

Hey Coach: Put Me In

Odds are you’ve heard the phrase “Hey coach, put me in!”. This really resonates with the leadership style required for going forward. If you’re a leader, replace that with coach. Think of some of the great sports coaches in history. Adolph Rupp, John Wooden, Phil Jackson, Pat Summit, and Jimmie Johnson. Really, the list could […]

Coach or Mentor

The 21st Century Leader

5 Changes You Will Need To Make

Gone are the days of do as I say. The 20th Century was full of leaders who demanded people do things just because they said so, all the while they did the complete opposite. A 21st Century leader will need a transformation from the status quo to be successful. You ask, why should I have to […]

5 Things You Can Do To Attract Millennials

The Millennials are coming to an organization near you. Actually, they’re already here. Millennials account for an estimated 34% of the workforce. Over the next decade, estimates show Millennials will become 75% of the available workers. In 2016 alone, 3.6 million Boomers will retire. Are you prepared? Millennials have a lot to offer, but they […]

8 Surprising Lessons Zootopia Can Teach You

They Might Surprise you

Have you ever gone to the movies expecting nothing more but to see a 4 year old entertained? I went this weekend to see Zootopia with no expectations except a couple laughs here and there. Well, it didn’t disappoint in laughter, but there was an underlying tone that caught my eye as well. Zootopia is a new release […]

8 Lessons From Zooptopia

Why Your Followers Need You To Be Trustworthy

Search “Trust Leadership” on Google and you will find about 372,000,000 results. It seems like these two go hand in hand. If trust in leadership is such a hot topic, then why are there so many issues trusting leaders? The answer is, we’ve been let down to many times. Like the old saying “fool me […]

Trust: 6 Things You Must Be To Keep It

There are people we trust and others we do not. Some are ones we may have once trusted, while others never earned that level of respect. In today’s post, I am discussing 6 Key Components of Trust and why they are vital to leaders. Early in my career, I worked for a boss who considered […]

How Hard Work Leads To Success

The Garbage Man A young wife heard a knock at the front door. When she answered the door she saw a man who she must have thought was a door-to-door salesman, a job that could appear to be hard work. He explained that he was not selling anything, rather he was conducting a survey of the […]

Success Comes From Hard Work