5 Ways to Engage Millennials at Work

Engage Gallup released a 2013 study that says only 13% of employees worldwide say they are engaged at work. Sadly that number was up from just 10% from two years prior. I guess the good news is the percentage of employees claiming to be actively disengaged dropped from 27% to 24% in the same time […]

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Keys to Trust: Capability

a series on building trust

Building Trust Requires Capability Over the last few weeks I have written on the topic of building trust. People trust others who have capabilities to lead them in their respective areas. Proving you have the capability means a strong presence of skills, knowledge, and experience. Capable is defined as having attributes required for performance or accomplishment. […]

Keys to Trust - Capability | Josh Ball Leadership Development

4 Things That Mess With Team Cohesion

As a leader, having a functional team can make your life much easier. Building that team takes time and intention to choose, develop, and empower the team members. But maybe you’re missing with one of the key things that make the team work… team cohesion. Webster defines cohesion as a condition in which people or […]

team cohesion team work leadership leader millennials engage engagement

What the Sheriff Taught Me About Trust

It has saved my career

When I was 21, I was sworn in as Deputy Sheriff at a mid-sized Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky. At the time, I was a young kid who did not see everything for what it was worth. That day, the Sheriff took me into the office and shared three key things to me about a long […]

Keys to Trust: Integrity

Integrity is a funny thing. Everyone wants to claim they have it, especially leaders, but few do the things that matter to make it a reality. I don’t think people intentionally act without integrity in mind, but remaining a person of integrity is a conscious decision with intentional actions. At the end of letters, it […]

Keys To Trust Series - Integrity Leadership