This Risky Choice Scores You Major Points 

Do this to deposit into your leadership bank

You have several jobs as a leader. Leaders are looked to by people who want to learn a job. What is one way to gain major points as a leader? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not knowing all the answers or being perfect. It’s actually surprising to many people. Here’s how I learned this lesson. […]

3 Things You Must Ask Your Team

Ask these questions to strengthen your team

#Leadership is more art than science, at least for effective leaders. Those who attain the status as a Level 5 leader know the craft inside and out and treat each part like an artist does a canvas. Emotional intelligence is crucial to success as a leader. Many people with emotional intelligence have a superb ability […]

John C Maxwell Intentional Living book

Intentional Living (Center Street, 2015)

John C. Maxwell has done it again. I am slightly biased as Dr. Maxwell is by far my favorite author, but I am rarely let down.

My only issue with the book Intentional Leadership was his chapter lengths. Each chapter averaged around 25 pages. My ADD would love attention far to easy while reading.
The book was a slow read for me, but great content. I actually finished the book in 11 days, which may be a speed record (I mean it was slow to read in terms of absorbing the content, not the content itself.)
Dr. Maxwell’s candidness to open up and share personal failures is amazing. Thank you Dr. Maxwell for writing this book, it is a must read for anyone struggling with what to do to add significance and value to people.

5 Ways to Engage Millennials at Work

Engage Gallup released a 2013 study that says only 13% of employees worldwide say they are engaged at work. Sadly that number was up from just 10% from two years prior. I guess the good news is the percentage of employees claiming to be actively disengaged dropped from 27% to 24% in the same time […]

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What Is Leadership?

What is Leadership? Over the last few decades, we have seen different buzz words for “leaders”. For a while it was management, strategic management, leadership, etc. It is rare that we ever achieve everything promised with the latest and greatest concept. Why is it that leadership is such a mysterious and difficult subject to comprehend […]

Michael Jordan - What is Leadership

9 Simplistic Ways to Focus On Loyalty

Many people are good leaders who have placed a lot of attention on different attributes. Leaders have to be trustworthy, but being loyal to your word, organization, and people are important as well. I have established that loyalty is important, but how important is it. The US Navy Seals are one of the most effective teams […]

The Biggest Misconception about Great Leadership

It’s Not About You With all of the buzz about leadership and management, there is one huge misconception that seems to perpetuate itself to the core of most leaders. In today’s post, I am going to talk about the biggest misconception that I have seen leaders make and how it impacts the entire organization. In […]

Biggest Misconception About Leadership