How Your Leadership Is Killing Your Team

Leadership Incompetence

Leaders have a huge responsibility. They are put on this earth to add value, develop tomorrow, and serve others. The wrong style or lack of leadership could be killing your team and team members. I’ve heard it said, that 75% of people leave their “leader” not their organization. I invite you to think back of […]

How To Test Your Leadership

A Way To See How Effective You Are As Leader

I am going to assume that most people want to know how effective their leadership skills are. It is human nature to want to be good at everything you do. Sadly, more people rely on position and the extended authority rather than leadership and influence. Here is a great way that you can test your […]

The Greatest

Leadership Lessons from Muhammad Ali

I remember hearing “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. The description of a man that was bigger than life. To many people, Muhammad Ali was many things, but to Louisville, he was their son, their icon, even their idol. Growing up in Louisville, I learned a lot about Ali. From his days as […]

The ABCs of Leadership

Leadership has changed dramatically over the last two decades. The upcoming Millennial workforce will drive changes we haven’t even seen yet. One thing is for sure, Millennials expect things to happen and will demand to have input. You may say that they can hit the door and find a new job, but when they will […]

The ABCs of Leadership

The One Thing You Must Never Do As A Leader

Search “Trust Leadership” on Google and you will find about 372,000,000 results. It seems like these two go hand in hand. If trust in leadership is such a hot topic, then why are there so many issues trusting leaders? The answer is, people have let us down too many times. Like the old saying “fool […]