5 Reasons The Paycheck Is Dead, You Can Thank The Millennials

It’s true. Millennials killed the paycheck. Gone are the days of working just for the piece of paper (or direct deposit) that our mothers and fathers labored over. Millennials just don’t care about the paycheck like generations before. If your strategy for recruitment and retention is salary based, you’re already losing the battle. I’m a […]

5 Reasons The Paycheck Is Dead You Can Thank The Millennials Purpose

Millennials: Intention Deficit Disorder

Millennials have longed been called many names. Some probably warranted, others were not so much. The “intentionality” it takes to run an organization cannot be overlooked. I believe that Millennials are suffering from IDD, Intention Deficit Disorder, not the closely related , Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Where Attention Deficit Disorder focuses on the ability to pay […]

Intention Deficit Disorder

3 Things You Must Ask Your Team

Ask these questions to strengthen your team

#Leadership is more art than science, at least for effective leaders. Those who attain the status as a Level 5 leader know the craft inside and out and treat each part like an artist does a canvas. Emotional intelligence is crucial to success as a leader. Many people with emotional intelligence have a superb ability […]

A Seat At the Table

6 Keys to Getting Invited

“I just want a seat at the table!” exclaimed Alex, a twenty something working in the public safety sector. Alex was ready to seize the day and take on the world, but there was one thing in his way, himself. Like Alex, I too was eager when I was younger. I wanted to make a […]

Seat At The Table

5 Ways to Engage Millennials at Work

Engage Gallup released a 2013 study that says only 13% of employees worldwide say they are engaged at work. Sadly that number was up from just 10% from two years prior. I guess the good news is the percentage of employees claiming to be actively disengaged dropped from 27% to 24% in the same time […]

team cohesion team work leadership leader millennials engage engagement

Entitled or Engaged?

Millennials, are they the entitled generation or something more?

Entitled or Engaged? Millennials, are they the entitled generation or something more? For the better part of the last 10 years, I’ve heard countless stories on how Millennials are simply entitled and expect everything. I for one, have always thought that was a significant misjudgment. Today I will dive into Millennials and the entitled mindset. I […]

millennials entitled or engaged leadership

Smart Ways To Make Your Influence Go Twice As Far

Do these to be a change agent

Leadership is about influencing others. Managers can order people to do things, but what does that accomplish. You have won compliance but you failed to get their heart. You have to have influence. Everyone influences other people just as other people influence us. Some influences are positive while others are negative. It is a leader’s […]

Drill Sergeant Influence Leadership

A History of Millennials 

Figuring out why they are the way they are

Hopefully by now, you know the term “Millennial”. A Millennial is a person born in the generation after Gen X. Many names have been thrown out like Gen Y, The ME Generation, etc. Millennials seems to be the one that is sticking. What is it about Millennials that makes them a buzzword? Millennials are now […]

The Biggest Misconception about Great Leadership

It’s Not About You With all of the buzz about leadership and management, there is one huge misconception that seems to perpetuate itself to the core of most leaders. In today’s post, I am going to talk about the biggest misconception that I have seen leaders make and how it impacts the entire organization. In […]

Biggest Misconception About Leadership