My Purpose

I’m a dreamer.

I love to dream. Not the type of dreams that result in only wasted time and no action, but the dreams that others refuse to dream. Have you ever been told something wasn’t possible? So was I, but I didn’t take it for an answer. I had to dig deep to find my purpose.


Is your passion to make a difference in the lives of people? If you’re like me, you want to have a positive impact on others but you didn’t know where to start. When I started my journey, i thought leaders were born and you either had it or you didn’t. My journey started in public safety where I learned that leadership was influence more than authority. At that point I started developing myself and learning from others. The journey wasn’t easy. There were hills and traffic jams along the way, but perseverance fueled by passion helped me find my way. Now, I want to help others find their way.

I am passionate about leadership and building great leaders. Together we can grow personally, development as leaders, and engage our teams better. Let passion be your fuel.


If I won the lottery today and never had to work again, helping others would be my full time job. I love personal and leadership development. As John C. Maxwell states, “everything rises and falls on leadership”. Imagine what we could do as a society with solid leaders who were passionate about building leaders instead of growing a following. I want to see others do remarkable things.

I enjoy helping other people and always have, that’s why I was driven to a career in public safety. I’ve dedicated my life to responding when needed. I’ve coached and mentored employees for years but now I have expanded upon that to truly teach others.


A lot of people would define success with a metric that can be measured. My ideal picture of success is with helping each individual one at a time.


Where I Impact

Dare You To Move is an empowerment movement to make a difference. This is aimed at not just leaders, but anyone anywhere to make a difference. Our biggest hurdle is the first step. I challenge people to take that first step and break their fear of perfectionism. Make a difference, make an impact, start now.
#ImpactNow is an initiative that encourages others to become leaders and make a mark to serve their families, organizations, and communities. This twitter hashtag effort is aimed at recruiting others to show how they make an impact and encourage the community.


Friend, this is your time. Some may think it is too late, but the only time it is too late is if you never start. If you have a dream, you have a journey. Start your journey with me.