6 Things Successful People Do That You Can Too

Success is more about mindset than luck. Sure we’ve all heard about the overnight success of a company, person, or even entertainer. What we don’t see, the countless hours of work put in before anyone paid any attention to them before they were successful. Here are six things successful people do that you can too. […]

5 Reasons The Paycheck Is Dead, You Can Thank The Millennials

It’s true. Millennials killed the paycheck. Gone are the days of working just for the piece of paper (or direct deposit) that our mothers and fathers labored over. Millennials just don’t care about the paycheck like generations before. If your strategy for recruitment and retention is salary based, you’re already losing the battle. I’m a […]

5 Reasons The Paycheck Is Dead You Can Thank The Millennials Purpose


it's not what we claim it is.

Success It’s funny really. The way we have trained ourselves to look at success. Being successful in modern America is not success in my mind. Sure, Merriam-Webster defines it as the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame, but does that alone define true success? Another definition seems more realistic to me, the correct […]

6 Habits Every Leader Should Develop

Oh The Difference a Person Can Make Leaders are often credited with all the success and blame of their organization. Great leaders understand that blame falls on their shoulders, while success is attributed to the team. The difference in bosses and leaders often stem from habits. To grow and develop as a leader, follow the […]

6 Habits Every Leader Should Develop

18 Qualities That The Best Leaders Have – Leadership Qualities

Leaders and people of influence are a special breed of people. Great leaders are even more special, but not impossible to find if they possess certain qualities. Below are 18 leadership qualities that the best leaders have that sets them apart from the rest. Although we often look at different people as leaders, after looking […]

18 Leadership Qualities of the Best Leadrs

Millennials: Intention Deficit Disorder

Millennials have longed been called many names. Some probably warranted, others were not so much. The “intentionality” it takes to run an organization cannot be overlooked. I believe that Millennials are suffering from IDD, Intention Deficit Disorder, not the closely related , Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Where Attention Deficit Disorder focuses on the ability to pay […]

Intention Deficit Disorder